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Our Mission

Mission Statement


The Pulaski Volunteer Fire Company is organized to deliver life safety, fire suppression, and fire prevention by:


· Providing emergency services to our territories and mutual aide partners

· Utilizing and improving the dedication and skills of our people

· Constantly improving all of our services and operations


In carrying out this mission, the Pulaski Volunteer Fire Company will:


· Give top priority to the firefighter safety and environmental concerns

· Encourage the professional and personal development of our members

· Work as teams to take full advantage of our skills, knowledge and creativity

· Communicate openly and honestly to our members and community to inspire trust and confidence


Definition of a firefighter as defined by the International Association of Fire Chiefs:


A firefighter is a trained individual who promptly responds to mitigate a wide range and variety of emergency and non-emergency situations were life, property, or the environment is at risk. A firefighter’s assignments vary based on training, experience, and ability.


A firefighter’s duties include fire suppression (including structural, wild land, transportation, and other types of fires); fire prevention and public education; and may include emergency medical services, hazardous materials response and preparedness, technical rescues (extrication, water, high angle, or trench and confined space); urban search and rescue, disaster preparedness and mitigation; community service activities; public safety (including animal rescues, lockouts and standbys); response to civil disturbances and terrorism incidents; non-emergency functions (such as training, pre-planning, communications, maintenance, research and development, and physical conditioning); and other related emergency and non-emergency duties as may be assigned or required.

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