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Fire Safety

Fire Prevention Day at KidsZone pictures


       There is a push from NOAA to advertise weather alert radios.  There is information that is needed for programming the radios to activate for alerts specified for our area. 



    If you have a Weather Alert Radio, know that will sound an alarm when activated for a specified area.  SAME technology is used for the alerting.  By having a SAME code programmed in to the weather alert radio, only alerts specific to our area will be alarmed and annunciated.  Our area Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, has been assigned SAME code 042073.  NOAA broadcasts from Youngstown and Pittsburgh with information pertinent to our area will activate the Weather Alert Radio. 




Remember Dial

for Emergencies



    Click either or both  of images below for full size, right click to save or print. Choose fit-to-page on printer settings. These can be displayed in a prominent spot in case of emergencies for firefighters to find.

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